William D. Moss

We’ve heard it throughout our lives, “there’s strength in numbers”. This certainly applies to us as members of NJBankers. Your Association, representing the banking industry in the Garden State, has more influence and power than any one bank. NJBankers connects us to legislators, regulators, the media and the public. It connects us to each other. All this is extremely important when doing business in a regulated industry.

Dozens of benefits can be outlined from my engagement in NJBankers. I am active in the Association because having a dedicated team to advocate on my bank’s behalf, provide immediate access to news and developments, and make diverse professional development opportunities available for our staffs from the C-suite to the teller line is an investment in my bank’s future.

Two River Community Bank is a stronger institution because of our participation in professional development conferences, seminars, web-based learning and roundtables. Participating in a COES conference call lets us hear directly from regulators and provides a forum for asking questions. You just can’t get that attention as an individual bank.

As for attention, participation in the Association’s Community Service Award initiative provides an opportunity to rave about your community support initiatives through the media and to legislators. Why wouldn’t you want exposure for all the good you do in the communities you serve? The Association has the contacts that we can take advantage of to get the word out.

NJBankers Committees cover most disciplines which represent many areas of banking. Bankers from Public Relations specialists to Lending professionals to HR officers to Security experts are able to share the latest information relevant to the Committee. Here’s an opportunity for engagement where your bank is sure to benefit. Ask your staff to join a committee, attend meetings and connect with like-minded colleagues. Two River Community Bank employees serve on several Committees and the information that is shared helps them to manage their respective disciplines.  They can even share questions via a communication designed for each Committee. Participation on a Committee directly benefits their ability to get the job done!

NJBankers can provide information and guidance on current and future issues because of their access to industry resources. From knowledgeable speakers to articles in the Association’s publications, to John McWeeney’s weekly email MO Connections, you and your team need to participate to gain this valuable insight. This is an investment in the future for you and for your bank.

NJBankers exposes us to the “bigger picture”; something that is hard for one bank to navigate. Understanding what is going on in the industry helps us with our strategic direction and the tactics we could implement.

The Association is taking on new initiatives to better serve our needs. With all the talk of Millennials and what drives them, NJBankers will be launching a new initiative, a Young Bankers Program, designed to energize Millennial bankers. We’ll need to promote engagement in this group to our younger associates. It will help in retention and recruitment efforts as well as develop the rising leaders in our companies.

Take a look at the benefits of and opportunities for engagement and take full advantage of your membership. Visit the NJBankers web site for events, publications and news. NJBankers will also be developing an app to make it even easier to connect with them through your phone or tablet.

Engagement is essential. Whether you are engaging within your company, NJBankers or even with national trade groups that address specific fields, it’s critical for your survival and growth.

Get engaged. Participate. You’ll certainly benefit with each connection you make with NJBankers.