New Jersey Bankers Charitable Foundation, Inc.

The New Jersey Bankers Charitable Foundation was established in 2005 as the New Jersey Bankers Education Foundation, Inc., to honor fallen or permanently disabled military members in the post-9/11 Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts by providing scholarships to their eligible dependents. The veteran or dependent must have a connection to New Jersey. In 2015, the purpose of the Foundation was expanded to include broader charitable causes in addition to veteran causes.

Initial funding for the Foundation was provided from the generous support of banks throughout New Jersey. With the expansion of its purpose, additional funding was provided by the New Jersey Bankers Association and its subsidiary, NJBA Service Corporation and its affiliated company Bankers Cooperative Group, Inc. The New Jersey Bankers Association is the trade association representing banks doing business in New Jersey.  The NJBA Business Services is its for-profit subsidiary that provides the banking community access to quality products and services to enhance their competitive standing.  Bankers Cooperative Group is the licensed brokerage facility of NJBankers that provides members with one-source shopping for insurance coverage needs. 

Since inception, the Foundation has provided scholarship assistance to spouses of service members that have given their lives in service to our country that enabled them to earn their college degrees.  It also provided funds to Rutgers University’s Office of Veteran Services to assist veteran students that faced temporary financial hardships that, without assistance, would interfere with the completion of their education.  Additionally, the Foundation has supported organizations such as Operations First Response, an organization that supports tutoring programs for veterans and their dependents and a Veteran Entrepreneurial boot camp program at Rider University that prepares service members and veterans for starting their own businesses.   

If you are a dependent of a fallen or permanently disabled military members in the post-9/11 Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts that interested in applying for a scholarship, please contact John McWeeney at 908-272-8500, ext. 627, or, for an application and additional information.

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and governed by a board of industry trustees. 

NJBankers Continues its Support for Veteran Education Initiatives

The Trustees of the New Jersey Bankers Charitable Foundation recently approved funding for education initiatives at Rutgers University and Rider University. The Trustees approved a $10,000 donation to the Rutgers Office of Veteran Services and $15,000 to Rider University’s Veteran Entrepreneurship Program.

The Rutgers’s funds will be used to assist veteran students attending the University that face sudden and unexpected financial difficulties that, without some assistance, could jeopardize their continuing with their education.  The Rider University funds will be used to support six week boot camp and mentoring program for veterans to further develop their concepts for starting their own businesses.   The Foundation has supported both initiatives in the past.



                                                               Pictured are representatives from the universities, Dr. Ron Cook, Professor, Entrepreneurship Studies, Rider University;
and Ann Treadaway, Director and Bryan Adams, Assistant Director, Veteran & Military Programs, Rutgers University;
 along with veteran students and Charitable Foundation Trustees.

Rutgers University Office of Veterans Affairs

Since 2010, the Foundation has contributed nearly $50,000 to the Rutgers Office of Veterans Affairs to assist veteran students facing temporary financial difficulties
(auto repairs, reduction in employment hours, etc.) impacting their ability to continue with  their education.
Pictured are the Foundation Trustees and Steven Abel, Director, and Robert Bright, Assistant Director, Office of Veteran Services, Rutgers University.

Rider University’s Veteran Entrepreneurial Program

Through an initial grant by Grand Bank to Rider University, a seven week boot-camp style Entrepreneurship Program for active service members and veterans was successfully kicked off in the summer of 2014.
The Foundation has supported the program annually since then. 
Pictured are the Foundation Trustees and Dr. Ronald Cook, Professor, Department of Management, Rider University.

Operation First Response

This 501(c)(3) organization was suggested to the Foundation by Ocean City Home Bank and provides services to active duty and disabled veterans service members and their families. Foundation funds will be
dedicated to provide academic and personal coaching tutoring services for the service members and their dependents with a New Jersey connection.
Pictured are the Foundation Trustees and
Nick Constantino, Project Tutor and SGT Anthony Dahab U.S. Army (Retired), Project Tutor.