A Commitment Spanning the Years
For more than 119 years the New Jersey Bankers Association, or NJBankers, has been an advocate for the New Jersey banking industry. Founded in a passion for representing the interests of the state’s banking community, the NJBankers mission remains as strong today as ever, even as the requirements for fulfilling its commitment have grown.

Today our membership consists of banking institutions of all banking charters that are headquartered or have branches in New Jersey. In addition, over 200 firms that provide goods and services to the banking community are associate members. The association is governed by a 23-member board of directors and, with its affiliated company, Bankers Cooperative Group (BCG), is staffed by 18 employees.

Our primary mission is to represent our membership’s interests before state and federal government and regulatory authorities. In addition, NJBankers provides our members with services and support in public and media relations, education and employee health insurance benefit programs.

NJBankers also promotes sound business practices and hosts forums for the free exchange of ideas and experiences. With the same dedication and commitment our members use to serve their customers and communities, NJBankers and BCG's staff are here to help the state’s bankers with their specific needs to succeed in today's challenging financial services environment.