Operations & Technology Roundtable

Operations and Technology Roundtable
November 8, 2016
Crowne Plaza Monroe, Monroe Township, NJ 

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The New Jersey Bankers Association’s Operations & Technology Committee is pleased to present the 12th in a series of interactive roundtable programs.  

Key Technology Metrics for Your Board - As technology becomes more pervasive in the operations of financial institutions, regulatory examiners are holding the institution’s board of directors more accountable regarding its technology direction. It is up to management to not only train board members about their institution’s technology, but also give them proactive data on metrics that the Board can use to monitor whether technology is being run effectively and securely.

Ransomware Cyberattacks - Cyberattacks are on the rise across the banking industry, with even smaller institutions falling prey to certain types of attacks according to bank regulators.  Common cyber-attacks include ransomware, the process of encrypting a company's data and demanding money in exchange for the decryption key. According to regulators, extortion from hackers is becoming more frequent and severe. 

The Most Expensive Vendor Management Mistakes and 7 Ways to Help Improve Your Bank’s Profitability - With compressed margins and growing regulatory costs, banks are facing continuing challenges to improve their bottom lines. In this environment, it is incumbent on banks to look at the hundreds of vendors they rely on to provide goods and services to ensure that bank is paying no more than current competitive market prices. Hear tips on how you can manage these relationships to ensure your bank is receiving fair pricing for the services it receives. 

What you need to know about Due Diligence and Contract Negotiations Related to Cloud Based Service Providers – Due to the nature of their service, cloud computing vendors typically require more robust controls than you have in place for other type vendors. According to bank regulators, cloud computing vendors must constantly be vetted due to the special risks they pose. 

Please bring your questions, successes and lessons-learned stories on these and other topics that you can share.

Crowne Plaza Monroe 390 Forsgate Drive Monroe Township, NJ 08831 UNITED STATES

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