2017 Regulated Industry Ban and Pay to Play Compliance

The 2017 Gubernatorial Election: What your Bank Needs to Know about the Regulated-Industry Ban and Pay-to-Play Compliance - WEB SEMINAR

New Jersey's pay-to-play restrictions took center stage yet again earlier this year when news broke that a company was rendered ineligible for more than $7 million in government contracts due to a single political contribution. Now more than ever, the details of political giving matter.

New Jersey has extremely stringent pay-to-play laws in effect, which restrict political contributions of businesses that wish to contract with the New Jersey government. Although New Jersey's regulated-industry ban prohibits banks from using corporate resources for political activity, individual directors, officers, and employees may still engage in the political process through individual political activity and a voluntary employee PAC. Because contributions by your bank's directors, officers, and employees may affect your bank's eligibility to contract with the New Jersey government for years to come, join Rebecca Moll Freed, Chair of Genova Burns LLC's Corporate Political Activity Law Group on Wednesday, June 28th at 10:00 a.m. for a live webinar on pay-to-play and the regulated-industry ban.

With 2017's gubernatorial election in full swing, now is the time to think about compliance and to make sure that your bank is not deprived of lucrative government contracts because you did not have a political-activity compliance program in place. 


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