Bank Security Seminar

Security Seminar
Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Warner Student Life Center, Navesink 1,
Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ

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Who Should Attend? A one-day continuing education security seminar for anyone with responsibilities in bank security, risk management, bank operations or administration, legal counsel and fraud prevention.

Your speakers Barry Thompson and Randall Phillips of Thompson Consulting Group will guide you during this training seminar which will help you attain your annual security training goals. Your day will include the following topics: 

National Security Update  
Security issues and priorities change daily, requiring the security manager to remain informed, assess the impact and adjust the security model for the entire institution. This annual segment contains “briefing” information about new and emerging events that will likely affect the security function.         

Robbery Training for Front Line Staff
This session focuses on robbery training specific to front line staff.  Learn how robbers case the branch before a robbery and what they are trying to observe.  Discover how to handle a robbery situation and what will happen after the robber leaves.

The Four L’s of Physical Security
Is that beautiful, flowering tree blocking sight lines to your entry?  How long has that lightbulb been burnt out?  This session will review inexpensive and effective changes you can implement immediately to make sure your facility is safe and secure.  The session will review exterior security concerns such as landscaping, lighting, location, and locks.  We will also review building design flaws and how to correct them and discuss why a night inspection program is essential. 

Securing the Future
Security technology is rapidly changing.  New advances in surveillance, access control and branch design can be exciting, innovative, and efficient.  New technology is also of great benefit to the bank security officer’s efforts and the overall security of the branch environment.  With new technology comes new concerns and a need for policy and procedures to address its use.  Join us for a look into recent advances and their application in the world of bank security.

Call Center Security: Dialing for Dollars  
Criminals view “Call Centers” as the weakest link in the security armor of financial institutions!  It is easy for the social engineer because they don’t have to enter your bank—they can email, chat, or call you on the phone.  No one will have their picture, so the worst that can happen to them is for you to hang up.  If your institution prides itself on customer service, not knowing the techniques that organized crime employs, you will take losses.  We will show you how call center attacks are designed and review actual case histories that educate everyone to the intricacies of this evolving wave of call center attacks.  

The deadline for refunds is June 13, 2018. After June 13, 2018, refunds will not be granted, but substitutions are welcomed. All cancellations must be submitted in writing. 
Brookdale Community College Lincroft, NJ UNITED STATES

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

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